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325 Front St W, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2Y1
PR Agency Contact
Ann Krauss
Marketing and PR Growth Adviser
JCurve Digital
Company Contact
Ivan Tsarnynny
Co-founder and CEO

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Feroot Security

Feroot Security, the CX Security and Privacy company, provides an agentless, cloud-based software toolset designed specifically to provide proactive prevention, discovery, identification and remediation of web front-end security threats that impact the customer experience.

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325 Front St, West
4th Floor
Toronto, ON m5v 2y1

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News Releases
May 17, 2021

TORONTO (May 17, 2021) Today at RSA Conference 2021 at 3:45 pm Eastern time at the Feroot Security booth, Ivan Tsarynny, CEO and Co-founder for Feroot Security, the CX security and privacy...

May 17, 2021

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (May 17, 2021) This week at RSA Conference 2021, Feroot Security, the CX security and privacy company, will be demonstrating the company’s unique cloud-based security software...

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