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Joanne Moretti and Ivan Tsarynny to Discuss Marketing and Security Leadership Protecting Brand Reputation at RSA Conference 2021
- CMO’s and marketing leaders need to get together with CSO’s, CISO’s and security leaders to ensure more secure customer experience
- Hidden activities are exposing up to 97% of organizations to theft of customer data

TORONTO (May 17, 2021) Today at RSA Conference 2021 at 3:45 pm Eastern time at the Feroot Security booth, Ivan Tsarynny, CEO and Co-founder for Feroot Security, the CX security and privacy company, and Joanne Moretti, CMO for DecisionLink and former SVP and CMO for Jabil, a Fortune 200 manufacturing technology company and former VP and CMO for Dell’s Software division, will be discussing “The Need for Marketing and Security Leadership to Align on Protecting the Customer Experience.” The Feroot Security booth is at

A 2019 report, The Feroot User Security and Privacy Report, concluded that the hidden activities of third-party tools and scripts expose up to 97% of organizations to theft of customer data. 

A key finding in a 2020 Gartner report, “Market Guide for Software Composition Analysis1,” said “Open source software is used in nearly all organizations. This introduces risk from readily available exploitable vulnerabilities, an expanded attack surface through which malware and malicious code can gain access, compromising proprietary code and infrastructure; and legal and intellectual property exposures.”

As more companies rapidly move more businesses online, bad actors simultaneously evolve more sophisticated ways to expand attack vectors.  Organizations have spent thousands, maybe even millions of dollars, on cybersecurity to protect their online properties. Yet even with all of those investments, their customers’ experiences are still not secure. We’re not talking about the server-side, but the front end, the customer experience (CX). It’s a well-documented KPE — Known Point of Entry — for bad actors to insert malicious JavaScript (JS) code in form fields, chatbots, payment scripts, and other areas where users enter information. Worst of all, these security compromises often go undetected for months, even years, until it suits intruders’ intent. Feroot provides a unique platform that focuses solely on identifying and guarding against CX data breaches.

“Doing business online and engaging with customers increasingly involves a myriad of web applications that are unfortunately not providing the security needed to thwart the attacks of cybercriminals,” said Ivan Tsarynny, Co-founder and CEO for Feroot Security.  “Security leaders and marketing leaders should get together and communicate about how to simultaneously offer the best online customer experience together with the best security and privacy defense system.  Feroot Security has a comprehensive set of sophisticated security tools designed to provide the protection you need to preserve your ideal customer experience while also eliminating the risk of damage to your brand’s reputation.”

About Feroot Security

Feroot Security, the CX Security and Privacy company, provides a unique, cloud-based software toolset designed specifically to provide proactive prevention, discovery, identification and remediation of customer experience (CX) security threats.  Feroot’s customers and partners include AT&T Cybersecurity, Forbes, Addepar, NextRoll, and Quickbase.  For more information and a free CX security assessment, please visit , call (613)453-4308 or engage with us on social media.

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Ann Krauss
JCurve Digital for Feroot

1 Gartner: “Market Guide for Software Composition Analysis,” report by Dale Gardner, Senior Director, Analyst, August 18, 2020.


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